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Tax Preparation and Planning
RMS provides both tax preparation and tax planning services to business and individual clients. We distinguish between the two services because each involves very different relationships and processes. Tax preparation requires a periodic gathering of information for the purpose of producing timely and accurate reporting to taxing authorities. Planning is an ongoing process that requires the client and CPA to create a plan to follow in order to minimize tax liability and utilize all planning opportunities. Effective tax planning requires the client and CPA to develop a close and trusting relationship.

Our professionals can provide tax preparation services in many areas that include:
  • Individual tax returns with multi-state filings, if necessary
  • Corporate, partnership, and limited liability entity preparation
  • Business entity planning and organization
  • Individual and business general tax planning
  • IRS audit support
  • Estate and Gift planning and reporting
  • Estate succession planning
  • Retirement planning
Accounting and Auditing
We have dedicated ourselves to providing quality service by adhering to a few simple standards. First, it is important for us to become familiar with more than just the accounting records when performing an audit. We realize that an effective audit includes understanding and communicating with the people who make the business decisions and create the financial records. Second, our goal is to assemble the most experienced and knowledgeable staff for each engagement. Our clients can be assured that they will be working first hand with talented staff and CPA’s. Finally, RMS takes pride in finding, developing, and training talented individuals.

We hope that you will turn to us when your business has a need for one of the following services: 

  • Annual financial statement audits 
  • Reviews and Compilations of financial statements 
  • Pension and profit sharing audits 
  • Contract Controllerships 
  • Business consulting 
  • See Small Business Services for additional accounting services 
Estates, Trusts, and Planning
At Read, Martin & Slickman, we believe that your estate planning is a process through which you determine how you want your personal and financial matters handled during your lifetime and at your death. We emphasize planning and tailor it to fit your wishes. Your estate is representative of your personality and accumulation of wealth that you wish preserved as a legacy and passed on to your desired beneficiaries. We will assist you in formulating your goals and objectives with respect to your family and your finances (the estate). This includes lifetime giving and gifts. Upon developing an idea of what you wish to achieve, we will educate you on tax matters and make suggestions on how best to provide for those you wish to benefit. 

Our services include planning advice and preparation of all the appropriate tax forms. This includes fiduciary income tax returns of trusts and estates (Form 1041), estate tax returns (Form 706), gift tax returns (Form 709), final income tax returns for the decedent (Form 1040) and related state forms. We also prepare forms for private foundations (Form 990 PF) and split-interest trusts, such as charitable remainder unitrusts and charitable remainder annuity trusts (Forms 5227).

We assist executors in carrying out the wishes of the deceased as stated in his/her will or trust. Sometimes this may be a professional executor or family member who has been named executor. We can help the executor by acting as a guide in gathering information and assisting in meeting various filing objectives in a timely manner.

Employee Benefits
RMS provides an array of services within the realm of Employee Benefits both for pension and welfare benefit plans. Most of our work is concentrated in the pension area, where our clients enjoy the advantages of tax deferred compensation through 401(k), profit sharing and other types of pension plans. We also assist our clients with providing tax-free benefits through welfare benefit plans such as cafeteria, group insurance and tuition reimbursement plans. Our staff offers plan design consultation, plan administration, audits and preparation of regulatory filings for all types of benefit plans. We find that most all of our business clients can benefit from at least one, if not several, different types of plans. 

Small Business Services
Our small business service is designed to help the small business owner who does not have an accounting staff at his/her disposal. It is our goal to allow you, the small business owner, to utilize our professionals as if they were your own. By doing so, you can evaluate timely financial information without paying the peripheral costs associated with hiring accounting personnel. RMS Small Business Services allows you to focus on what you do best - run your business. Let us service your accounting needs in a variety of areas that include:

  • New business setup
  • Bookkeeping services 
  • Payroll tax filings 
  • Compilation of financial statements 
  • Sales tax return preparation 
  • Ad valorem tax filings 
  • Bank reconciliation 
  • General small business consulting